Khzente Ya Khzente is an online Boutique collecting unique items from all over the globe.

1. I Travel around the world (I enjoy, have fun … )
2. I Collect things (have more Fun!)
3. I capture photos and I sell what i collected Online and at my Boutique!


1. Click : www.khzente.com
2. Check item in the Closet!
3. Contact 03-996802 to make an order, and receive your purchase to your home (Free of Charge) or pick it up from my Boutique in Sami El- Soloh

I visited 21 countries, and more than 65 cities. Until now, I went to:

  • Thailand to collect My Thai Collection
  • Turkey to collect My Turkish Collection
  • India to collect My Indian Collection
  • London to collect My English Collection
  • Scotland to collect My Scottish Collection
  • Dubai to collect My Emirati Collection
  • Istanbul to collect My Istanbouli Collection
  • Myanmar to collect My Burmese Collection
  • Oman to collect My Omani Collection
  • Morocoo to collect My Moroccan Collection
  • Manchester to collect My British Collection
  • Georgia and Armenia to collect My Armenia and Georgian Collection
  • Srilanka to collect My Srilankan Collection
  • Other Different countries to collect My Cosmo Collection

Each Dress or skirt or what ever, is available for 1 person only! No duplication 😀

Bzw you can stay tuned to the new stuff !!
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This project was made by the support of my nice friends:

Carolina Nassar
Christina Caracalla
Litcha Nassar
Maya Ammar
Hayat Bitar
Noelle Moawad
Amale Omar
Yara Nammour

Fatima Amine

Jana Traboulsi

Amany Chahrour

Web design:
Claude Jabre

Special Thanks to Wael Ladki, Grey Neutral Photography, Ibrahim Dirani, Najat Yassine, Maya Jalloul, and Manuella Samarani.

Couldn’t do any thing without all of you…